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Cellblock 13, Apex Harness

The Apex Harness is made out of high quality polyester, perforated polyurethane, nylon and spandex. Top fetish colors piping details. It is form fitting and comes in 3 sizes. SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE. They fit every type of body depending on what size and wh

$ 56.00

Cellblock 13, Arsenal Harness

The Arsenal Harness is made of high-quality textured neoprene with perforated panels and piping in a contrast fetish color. Adjustable straps run down your chest so you can attach it to your pants, jeans, shorts or to any of Cellblock13's shorts or jocks.

$ 65.00

Male Power Rubber Jock

From the Liquid Onyx collection by Male Power, this style features: A Jock with a comfort fit pouch, classic jock back and plush elastic waistband and trim.

$ 25.00

Cellblock 13, Arsenal Jockstrap with Jock Armour

Arsenal Jockstrap with two one inch wide leg straps and Cellblock13's signature one and half inch wide comfort waistband with large industrial Cellblock13 logo.

$ 37.00

Cellblock 13, Octane Singlet

The Cellblock13 OCTANE singlet is made of a sleek and stretchy coated polyurethane/spandex to mimic both the look of leather and the touch of spandex. Designed to hug and stretch enough to show off your crevices and bulges to perfection.

$ 62.00

Cellblock 13, Arsenal Trunk with Jock Armour

The Arsenal Trunk is made of stretchy, tight fitting fabric clings to your legs perfectly. The base color is black with side panels and contrasting piping both front and back.

$ 56.00

Cellblock, Spider Harness

Cellblock 13's Spider harness is a must-have! Strap it on and it highlights your back and shows off your chest.

$ 62.00

Cellblock, Spider Jockstrap

The Spider jockstrap by Cellblock 13 features a textured neoprene rubber pouch with a functional zipper right down the center, facilitating access to the contents within.

$ 48.00

Cellblock 13 Velocity Trunk

Cellblock 13 Velocity "Booty" Trunk. Made with a luxuriously smooth skin-tight PU+Polyamide/Spandex fabric with great stretch & recovery. The base color is black with side panels in contrasting fetish colors. Signature one and half inch wide comfort waist

$ 36.00

Cellblock, Ranger Trunk

The Ranger trunk is made of their custom lightweight 3D mesh in the front cup and nylon spandex for the body that feels really sexy on your backside.

$ 48.00

Cellblock 13 Octane Short

The OCTANE SHORT is made with a luxuriously smooth skin-tight PU+Nylon/Spandex fabric with lots of stretch. Base color is black with side panels in black and contrasting piping of your top fetish colors both front and back.

$ 52.00

Cellblock 13, Vector Singlet, Blue

The Vector Zipper Singlet features luxuriously smooth, rubbery, skin-tight fabric with great stretch and recovery, with an extra-soft fleece feel on the inside for comfort.

$ 60.00

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