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Big Stick

Wild, erotic feel in the soft. Fills you up without a rigid poke.

$ 119.00

Happy Puppy Tail

Seamless construction so it doesn’t cut or irritate your hole, super comfortable egg shape, narrow “anvil” tip for comfort and to allow you to wag your tail without moving by simply squeezing your hole, perfectly proportioned tail for maximum bounce.

$ 59.00

Mega Milk'it

Nubs to envelope the prostate and surrounding nerve bundles in mild stimulation.

$ 69.00


Plug for a fuller feeling without the stretch

$ 39.00

Square Peg Pounder

Soft head for depth exploration, full texture for gripping all of your insides at once.

$ 79.00

Square Peg Tree

Super for hole play and teasing the inner sphincter

$ 69.00

Square Peg, Ballistic

Wonderful for either deep or shallow play, expertly designed

$ 79.00

Square Peg, Egg

The most comfortable silicone plug

$ 29.00

Square Peg, Happy Hour

Deceptively large for their compact shape

$ 69.00

Square Peg, Kidney

Delightfully unique shapes for long-term wear

$ 59.00

Square Peg, Leo Harness w/ FlushCup

The Next Best Thing™

$ 59.00

Square Peg, Mega Uncut

Sexy look and feel in the hands, super shape for stretching

$ 429.00

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