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Full Body Holster Harness

This harness takes an old classic and turns the temperature up. The Full Body Holster Harnesses combines the Holster Harness with two side cockstraps to create a sexy V-shape. Made from soft double stitched garment leather with sleek black hardware.

$ 189.95

Harness, Full, Texas

The Texas harness is made of soft but thick double-layered garment leather, very durable and strong but still comfortable (it is the same cow leather we use on our pants and shirts). Multiple snaps in most of the straps make this harness fully adjustable

$ 259.95

Half Holster Harness

One of our most popular Harnesses. Made with soft garment leather, with double stitched 1 1/4" strapping, and matte black snaps. The Holster comes in three adjustable sizes.

$ 139.95

Harness, Half Bulldog

Our Bulldog harness is made from double/faced garment leather that's both soft and durable. Front straps with nickel plated buckles make this harness fully adjustable. D-ring on both front and back can be used to attach a cockring strap, a chain or a leas

$ 159.95

Full Y Harness

The Full Y Harness is consisted of 1-1/4" Garment Leather Straps which feature nickel snaps on each strap for adjustability.

$ 169.95

Cellblock 13, Harness, Bandit

All new Bandit elastic harness has form-fitting brushed elastic 1-1/2" straps that provide plenty of stretch in between two pliable rubber loops in front and back.

$ 39.95

Cellblock 13, Echo Mesh, Harness

The Echo Mesh Harness is made from a sturdy, textured polyester/spandex mesh and includes adjustable straps for length, fit and comfort. 1 1/2" wide stretch mesh straps are adjustable via snaps.

$ 40.00

Harness, Half Bulldog Latigo

Our Latigo Shoulder harness is made from 1 1/4" Latigo belt leather.

$ 139.95

Cellblock, Sniper Harness Blk

The All New Sniper Neoprene Harness is made of high-quality snakeskin textured 100% neoprene. Harness has two buckles on the shoulder straps to adjust for the perfect fit.

$ 59.99

Halter Suspenders

Made from 1" garment leather with nickle buckles, and eyelets. They easily attaches to your pants with matching scissor snaps and the "Y" halter sits in the center of the back.

$ 134.95

Harness, half holster, 1-1/4 Color

Our best-selling holster harness gets the color treatment. Show your fetish colors proudly!

$ 149.95

Sam Browne Shoulder Strap, Plain

The classic staple to complete the perfect leather uniform, the Sam Browne shoulder strap in plan belt leather. Fully adjustable, but you need to allow for the 2 belt attachments (not included).

$ 39.95

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