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Harness, Figure 8, 1-1/4" Plain

Our easiest and most versatile harness. Plain front design made with soft garment leather, with double stitched 1 1/4" strapping.

$ 119.95

Cellblock 13, Cyclone, Harness

The CYCLONE Neoprene Harness is a must-have! Strap it on and it highlights your back and shows off your chest.

$ 62.00

Cellblock 13, Echo Mesh, Harness

The Echo Mesh Harness is made from a sturdy, textured polyester/spandex mesh and includes adjustable straps for length, fit and comfort. 1 1/2" wide stretch mesh straps are adjustable via snaps.

$ 40.00

Cellblock 13, Harness, Bandit

All new Bandit elastic harness has form-fitting brushed elastic 1-1/2" straps that provide plenty of stretch in between two pliable rubber loops in front and back.

$ 39.95

Cellblock, Sentinel Harness

The CellBlock13 Sentinel Harness is made out of high quality textured polyester, nylon and spandex with your top fetish colors as piping details.

$ 56.00

Neoprene, Athletic Harness

Neoprene harness with blue or red stripe from Kink-Tek by Direktor, Inc. Crafted with high quality thick neoprene foam with knit backing for durability. Body hugging fit.

$ 77.95

Harness, half holster, 1-1/4 Color

Our best-selling holster harness gets the color treatment. Show your fetish colors proudly!

$ 149.95

Harness, Asymmetrical, Buckle

Expertly made in our store in soft garment leather yet durable and strong. 1 1/4" thick straps, buckles on front only.

$ 169.95

Cellblock, Spider Harness

Cellblock 13's Spider harness is a must-have! Strap it on and it highlights your back and shows off your chest.

$ 62.00

Harness, Half Bulldog

Our Bulldog harness is made from double/faced garment leather that's both soft and durable. Front straps with nickel plated buckles make this harness fully adjustable. D-ring on both front and back can be used to attach a cockring strap, a chain or a leas

$ 159.95

O-Ring Suspenders, 1

Made from 1" garment leather with nickle buckles, and eyelets. They easily attaches to your pants with matching scissor snaps and the O-ring sits in the center of the back.

$ 129.95

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