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Leather Stock, Candle

Our new candles are crafted with premium paraffin, carefully hand poured into durable, travel-friendly brushed aluminum tins. Light one or more to scent your room with our decadent true-leather aroma. Burns for hours and hours.

$ 17.00

Leather Stock, Body Wash

Energize your skin with this special blend of chamomile, glycerin, marine algae and sea fennel. Leaves you clean and fresh, with just a hint of our authentic masculine LeatherStock™ true-leather scent.

$ 10.00

Leather Stock, Massage Oil

Make you next rubdown extraordinary. This specially blended massage oil relaxes the body while arousing the senses with our authentic LeatherStock™ true-leather scent.

$ 14.00

DVD, LVP-87, Men in Stockings

Lucas Entertainment breaks ground and brings you to a new level of kink with Men in Stockings. Watch as beautiful men lace up in a variety of pantyhose play.

$ 19.95

DVD, LVP-224, Suited for Sex

You can’t expect guys this hot to keep up a strict professional decorum: let’s admit they are always Suited For Sex! In Gentlemen 15, Lucas Entertainment takes its cast of dick-crazed executives to Fire Island for a business retreat.

$ 19.95

DVD, LVP-141 Wetter the Better

Lucas Raunch's sluttiest and dirtiest pigs love rolling around in puddles of hot piss as they fuck, and as far as they're concerned "The Wetter the Better"!

$ 19.95

DVD, LVP-323, Raw Anal Sluts

When you meet a hot guy it’s all about giving in to your animal instincts, and when that happens the Lucas Men turn into “Raw Anal Sluts”!

$ 19.95

DVD, LVP-283, Barebacking Black Studs Collection

The “Barebacking Black Studs Collection” pulls the hottest big black cocks fucking tight bottom ass raw and without mercy! Hot Rod stretches out Jed Athens’ hole with his monster meat.

$ 19.95

DVD, LVP-287, Servicing Daddy's Dick

It’s every boy’s dream and duty to make sure he’s an expert at “Servicing Daddy’s Dick”!

$ 19.95

Latex, Gloves, Wrist

These molded shoulder length latex gloves have a seamless construction. They cover the entire wrist down to an inch below.

$ 24.95

Shoulder length latex gloves

These molded shoulder length latex gloves have a seamless construction.

$ 39.95

Latex, Gloves, Elbow

These molded shoulder length latex gloves have a seamless construction. Comfortable and durable, these gloves will uphold their design and integrity even in the most heavy-duty situations.

$ 34.95

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