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Latex, Gloves, Elbow

These molded shoulder length latex gloves have a seamless construction. Comfortable and durable, these gloves will uphold their design and integrity even in the most heavy-duty situations.

$ 34.95

Latex, Gloves, Wrist

These molded shoulder length latex gloves have a seamless construction. They cover the entire wrist down to an inch below.

$ 24.95

Leather Daddy, Body Lotion

The LeatherDaddy Body Lotion is formulated with the power of Soothing Aloe, Rejuvenating Shea Butter, and the signature LeatherDaddy Oil Blend.

$ 14.95

Leather Man Cap, Embroidered Logo

Black stretchy & soft cotton blend. Embroidered white Leather Man logo. Fully adjustable to most sizes.

$ 29.95

Leather Man Logo Tee (Large Logo)

Our EXCLUSIVE short sleeve tee shirt with large Leather Man printed logo. 100% cotton.

$ 29.95

Leather Man Logo Tee Shirt

Our EXCLUSIVE short sleeve tee shirt with The Leather Man logo printed on chest. 100% cotton.

$ 29.95

Leather Stock, Body Wash

Energize your skin with this special blend of chamomile, glycerin, marine algae and sea fennel. Leaves you clean and fresh, with just a hint of our authentic masculine LeatherStock™ true-leather scent.

$ 10.00

Leather Stock, Candle

Our new candles are crafted with premium paraffin, carefully hand poured into durable, travel-friendly brushed aluminum tins. Light one or more to scent your room with our decadent true-leather aroma. Burns for hours and hours.

$ 17.00

Leather Stock, Massage Oil

Make you next rubdown extraordinary. This specially blended massage oil relaxes the body while arousing the senses with our authentic LeatherStock™ true-leather scent.

$ 14.00

Lexol, Conditioner, 8oz.

Ideal for use on all leather pants, shirts, jackets, jockstraps harnesses and leather accessories. After cleaning, apply with a dry clothe evenly throughout the entire outer surface and let dry.

$ 12.95

Lube, Boy Butter

Boy Butter Original is an oil-based lubricant consisting of two powerful yet gentle ingredients: a coconut oil and an organic silicone blend.

$ 14.95

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