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Lube, Fuck Water

Made of only premium ingredients, FUCK WATER is long lasting, cleans up easily with water, and it's glycerin-free, so it never dries sticky.

$ 8.95

Lube, J-jelly, 8 oz.

J-Jelly is an ideal lubricant for rectal and obstetrical procedures and examinations, but perfect for fisting and for large toys (specially silicone toys).

$ 12.95

Lube, Pjur Original

The world’s premiere silicone formula, ORIGINAL super-concentrated silicone personal lubricant provides a super-slick, never sticky, long-lasting experience.

$ 24.95

Lube, SPUNK Lube Hybrid

SPUNK Hybrid white creamy water & silicone based lube helps supplement the body’s natural lubrication by decreasing friction and irritation. AND it won’t stain your sheets.

$ 9.95

Lube, Swiss Navy Anal, 4 oz.

Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant is a long lasting silicone based formula with Clove Oil for a slight desensitizing, numbing effect during anal play.

$ 34.95

Lube, Wet platinum

Wet Platinum luxury personal lubricant for is a premium sex lube made with a silicone based formula that's easy to apply.

$ 14.95

Lube, Wet, Warming

Wet Warming water-based Gel Lubricant  has a gentle heating sensation. Use on the nipples and erogenous zones too. Gently heats on contact and warms with motion. Blow on it, it gets warmer. Sale Price $18.71-$11.22

$ 11.22

Nozzle, Plastic

These screwable plastic nozzles come in very handy when traveling. You can use it in your hotel bathroom to replace the handheld shower attachment. Or simply to refresh your the one in your old cleaning bulb. Four colors available.

$ 9.95

Pjur Back Door Glide, 100 ml

Double-effect anal lubricants, BACKDOOR Silicone with relaxing jojoba is for men who enjoy anal penetration.

$ 24.95

Promescent, Climax Control Spray

The PROMESCENT premature ejaculation spray is absorbed into nerve cells just below the skin and temporarily restricts the flow of ions through nerve cells slowing down their rate of signalling. This gives you complete control over when you orgasm.

$ 19.95

Proper Candles

Get yourself - or all of you - in the mood with these amazing handcrafted soy wax candles from Proper. Available in two great scents.

$ 17.95

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