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Chastity belt with Ball Cover

Stainless steel chastity belt with cock and ball cover plate. Perforated bottom band for use with plug.

$ 239.95

Oxballs, Sackjack, Clr

SACKJACK is a dual ballsling and jerk off toy made from our signature FLEX-TPR so it’s super blubbery and soft to the touch...melds to your junk just right to feel like you’re jerkin’ off your second skin.

$ 66.00

Cellblock 13, Arsenal Jockstrap with Jock Armour

Arsenal Jockstrap with two one inch wide leg straps and Cellblock13's signature one and half inch wide comfort waistband with large industrial Cellblock13 logo.

$ 37.00


$ 22.00

Neoprene, Jock

Neoprene Jockstrap with textured neo body and smooth neo center stripe from Kink-Tek by Direktor, Inc. Elastic 2" wide soft elastic waist for comfort. 1" wide soft elastic leg straps. Pouch constructed of thick foam neoprene.

$ 44.95

Low Rise Shorts

$ 349.00

Supple nips

Supple Nips help stimulate the nipple into a protruded state, by gently pulling the nipple into the nip, in an attempt to gradually loosen the nipple tissue. This helps nipples stay erect for longer and excite the nerve endings. Sold in pairs.

$ 18.95

Neoprene, Chaps

Motorcycle chaps made from foam neoprene from Kink-Tek by Direktor, Inc. Buckled rubber waistband and a rubber sidestripe. The waistband is two layers of rubber with nylon inside to reinforce for durability. Lace at the back of waistband for adjustability

$ 195.00

Mr. Hankey, Latin Lover

The Latin Lover is a toy made for all our fans who love big, beefy, juicy, fat cocks! The Latin Lover is a beautiful, super fat realistic dick with a cock ring and awesome 360 degree testicles that will smack against your taint with every euphoric stroke.

$ 152.95

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