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Suction Cups

Our suction cups are made of black soft rubber, they can be squeezed to push the air out and then placed over the nipple.

$ 8.95

Cellblock, Tight End Jock

This is the NEW Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap has a supportive woven mesh pouch and a sturdy elastic waistband, this rugged jock is the best-updated version of the traditional team sports jocks that livened up the locker rooms of days gone by.

$ 20.00

Harness, Full, Texas

The Texas harness is made of soft but thick double-layered garment leather, very durable and strong but still comfortable (it is the same cow leather we use on our pants and shirts). Multiple snaps in most of the straps make this harness fully adjustable

$ 259.95

Square Peg, Egg

The most comfortable silicone plug

$ 29.00

Chastity, Holy Trainer V3

A great new alternative to the plastic chastity cage, the V3 Holy Trainer is made of resin and it comes in 3 cage sizes. includes 4 different cock rings (36mm/1.375", 40mm/1.5", 45mm/1.75", and 50mm/2"), 1 lock, and 2 keys.

$ 74.95

Supple nips

Supple Nips help stimulate the nipple into a protruded state, by gently pulling the nipple into the nip, in an attempt to gradually loosen the nipple tissue. This helps nipples stay erect for longer and excite the nerve endings. Sold in pairs.

$ 18.95

Pants, Codpiece Pants

Same fit as our Deluxe leather pant, but with a removable snap jock pouch for easy access. Two front pockets, two back pockets. Straight leg silhouette. Comes with a plain jock pouch.

$ 495.00

Cockring, Plain, 3-Snap

Sometimes the best is the simplest. Our signature plain leather cockring with logo snap will comes in 3 widths: 1/2", 3/4" and 1".

$ 14.95

Silicone Dildo, Dylan James

Are you a big fan of Dylan James alpha-male cock? Now’s your chance to Worship Dylan’s Cock with this exclusive dildo.

$ 64.95

Chaps, Deluxe, Outzip

The heavy outer zip and buckle front closure gives these chaps a more hardware heavy look.

$ 450.00

Square Peg, Leo Harness w/ FlushCup

The Next Best Thing™

$ 59.00

Pants, Uniform

$ 625.00

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