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Mr. Hankey's, Seahorse

Hop on the Seahorse and let him take you to new depths! This toy comes in three popular sizes, the small for the ladies or those who are relatively new to anal play using larger toys, the large for the relatively seasoned player and the monsterous XXXL f

$ 134.95

Mr. Hankey's, CutlerX

The CutlerX was developed using Hankey's Toys very own proprietary lifecasting methods and was casted directly from CutlerX's very own massive member, capturing even the smallest detail. You may have seen CutlerX in the movies, destroying asses with no m

$ 154.95

Mr. Hankey's, Big Daddy

Another work of art from our master designer is here! The Big Daddy best describes this toy now available in four sizes. This toy has incredible detail and looks just absolutely amazing! From the intense realistic skin texture to the realistic vein pat

$ 134.95

Mr. Hankey's, Centaur

Meet Centaur, the man with a horse cock. A glans that is not too big yet features a nice pop, a realistic textured shaft that slowly tapers right up to the preputial ring then BAM, it opens you up wide all the way to the base! A great toy for both depth

$ 129.95


This octopoda will really go deep with it's nicely tapered shape and s-curved design, filling you up to the hilt as you land on it's bulbous octo-knot.

$ 119.95

Mr. Hankey, XXXCalibur MED/LG Soft/Tan/Vac

This toy has 360 degree balls, a wide shaft with very nice vein/skin texture and a sword like look with a pointed tip for easy entry and deep-depth navigation.

$ 169.95

Mr. Hankey's, Lampwick Sm, soft, tan

The Lampwick was created using all new methods, starting with clay and then resizing the original clay sculp into four sizes, one for everyone. Made of high grade silicone for best feel and durability.

$ 134.95


As a porn star twink, Cody made big waves in the industry using his impressive tool to make the other boys go gaga - and now you can too! Cody's lifecasting is a perfect mold of the real thing, right down to the last detail.

$ 124.95

Mr. Hankey's, Largo

Largo means long and that's just what this toy is, very long. If you like your toys extremely long without the extreme girth to go along with it, this toy's for you. Don't get me wrong, it's not skinny by any means, this is still a very big toy overall.

$ 194.95

Mr. Hankey, Anaconda

Designed by the same guy that brought you the El Rey, this is one toy you need to hold in your hands to get a sense of how nice it is. The Anaconda is a rare treat for sure; designed to go WIDE, the Anaconda's cross section is wider across the top of sha

$ 134.95

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