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Rimba, Hoffman Clamps w/ Chain

These Hoffman black plastic screw down nipple clamps are lined with small ribbed teeth for a firm grip, giving a hard gripping but pleasurable fit.

$ 21.95

Rimba, Clover, Nipple Clamps

These nipple clamps are not for the faint of heart. Pulling on the jewel chain will tighten the clamps grip.

$ 21.95

Rimba, Stainless Steel, Teardrop Perineum Ring

Enjoy constant light pressure on your perineum all day or all night with this shiny device. Rubs your taint with every stroke or thrust for extra pleasure.

$ 49.95

Promescent, Climax Control Spray

The PROMESCENT premature ejaculation spray is absorbed into nerve cells just below the skin and temporarily restricts the flow of ions through nerve cells slowing down their rate of signalling. This gives you complete control over when you orgasm.

$ 19.95

Rimba, P.Pump

Rimba P-PUMP electronic vacuum penis pump. Enjoy pumping with a single hand and the touch of a button. One button to control 3 levels of vacuum power. A second button for slow release.

$ 129.95

Rimba, Men’s silver penis band

We are proud to exclusively offer the fine penis rings renowned Parisian artist and jeweler Sylvie Monthule. These SILVER PLATED rings are perfect to provide a great feel and excellent look wonderful under your favorite outfit, or to show off your sculptu

$ 116.95

Rimba, Cock Plug, Sperm Stopper

This stainless steel glans ring with a thick insertion plug.

$ 29.95

Rimba, Set 4 Rings, Electro

Set of 4 adjustable conductive rubber rings with leadwire and 2.5 mm mini-jack for Rimba power units. Leadwires connect to the rings with a simple snap connector.

$ 39.99

Rimba, Thumbscrew Nipple Clamps – Pair

The Rimba Thumbscrew Nipple Clamps are great for beginner or advance nipple play. A long time classic, these adjustable "nipple press" type clamps allows you to squeeze to the extreme.

$ 22.95